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Terms and Conditions

  1. All caravans, vehicles etc. must be insured against fire, storm and other appropriate risks, including damage by vandalism and theft, it being understood that the company’s sole responsibility shall be in respect of damage caused by the negligence of the company’s employees.

  2. Payments are due in advance.

  3. 3 months payment is required up front prior to your caravan, vehicles etc. being stored on the site after which payment can be made monthly by BACS.

  4. The owner will, at the expiry of any agreed period of storage, at the written request of the company, remove the caravan, vehicles etc. from the site.

  5. In the event of non-payment of the tariff for any period exceeding 3 months and following notice by the company to the caravan owner, sent to the last known address/email address where available of the caravan owner, the company shall be entitled to remove the caravans, vehicles etc. and arrange for its sale.

  6. No third parties allowed on site to repair, service or work on caravans, vehicles etc. 

  7. No sales on site.

  8. All vehicles must be kept clean or covered.

  9. All pitches must be kept clean and tidy and all rubbish must be removed from the site.

  10. All customers must report to the office on arrival.

  11. Any changes of address, telephone number and email address must be notified to MCTS Ltd as soon as possible

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