Mossley caravan Storage
MCTS Ltd. Manchester Rd, Mossley.
Tel. 01457 835553
Storage Prices
Terms & Conditions

Up to 20 feet        12 months         £345.00

                                6 months         £200.00

                                3 months         £120.00

                                1 month           £  40.00

20 to 24 feet        12 months         £395.00

                                6 months        £235.00

                                3 months        £135.00

                                1 month          £  45.00

All fees payable in advance

NWe recommend all caravan owners:-

       Ensure that the caravan is stable,and that all four corner steadies are down.

       Remove all articles of value,and leave curtains open.

       Insure the caravan against fire,storm,and other appropriate risk,including damage by vandalism and theft, it being understood that the company sole responsibility shall be in respect of damage caused by the company’s employees.

The payments are due in advance. In the event of none-payment, the applicable tariff shall be the monthly tariff.

The owner will at the expiry of any agreed period of storage, or at the request of the company, remove the caravan from the site.

In the event of none-payment of the tariff for any period exceeding 3 months and following written notice by the company to the caravan owner, sent to the last known address of the caravan owner (any change of address being notified by the caravan owner in writing) the company will be entitled to remove the caravan,and arrange for its sale.

All Caravans,vehicles,and equipment must be fully insured.

Accounts must be paid in advance.

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